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Powell does, however, provide an illuminating account of the broader African American artistic and intellectual milieu of Harlem in , the achievements in literature, popular and classical music, theater, film, and the work of younger African American artists. Here more attention to the political, literary, and artistic milieu of the depression years would have placed the African American experiences within a broader context.

Steinbeck 's Grapes ofWrath, for example, like Richard Wright's Native Son, represents the literature of the dispossessed. Ben Shahn's paintings of the Sacco and Vanzetti series conveyed social and political consciousness in some ways comparable to Johnson's Chain Gang. Shahn also used simplified outlines, distorted proportions, and flat areas of color to convey his messages.

Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida

Powell has rightly concluded thatJohnson's importance to the development of American modernism can no longer be ignored. By the same token the study of African American art and artists can be best understood as a part of the complex overall American experience.

Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida. By Jerald T.

Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida.

University Press of Florida, Reviewed by H. He is interested in Native American cultural change during the contactperiod. This book is the second to be written about Florida's archaeology. Because of the tremen- Southern Cultures dous amount of research accomplished since then, this volume, which is almost twice as long as the first, was needed to incorporate more recent information into a comprehensive statewide synthesis of precolumbian Florida history.

Milanich also informs us that a third volume, dealing solely with colonial period Indians and the impact of Europeans on their culture, is in the works. This is an excellent book. As someone who is in the process of preparing a similar volume on North Carolina archaeology, I cannot help but be a little envious of the job Milanich has done. His writing style is clear and fluid; he informs as well as entertains; and he makes his subject equally interesting to the professional archaeologist and the lay reader. The volume is also well organized and richly illustrated. Access options available:. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Crystal River Archaeological State Park, Florida

Submerged History takes readers on professionally guided tours along the broad spectrum of Florida's hidden, watery past to illustrate what these fascinating sites can reveal about the people who came before us. Wallis Editor ; Asa R.

Randall Editor Call Number: E F6N45 Florida. This volume aims to bring the archaeological study of Florida's Pre-Columbian past up to date, using new techniques, technologies and data to reveal that the Pre-Columbian natives were not isolated and environmentally segregated, as was previously thought. M L37 Florida. Prehistoric Florida societies, particularly those of the peninsula, have been largely ignored or given only minor consideration in overviews of the Mississippian southeast A. This groundbreaking volume lifts the veil of uniformity frequently draped over these regions in the literature, providing the first comprehensive examination of Mississippi-period archaeology in the state.

Featuring contributions from some of the most prominent researchers in the field, this collection describes and synthesizes the latest data from excavations throughout Florida.

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Life and Death at Windover by Rachel K. Wentz Call Number: E F6W Florida.

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In , a backhoe operator working at what would become the new Windover Farms housing development in Titusville, Florida, uncovered a human skull. The bones of several other individuals soon emerged from the peat bog. It would be determined that the human remains uncovered at Windover were between 7, and 8, years old, making them 3, years older than King Tutankhamen and 2, years older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

This was just the beginning of an archaeological adventure that continues today. Digging Miami by Robert S. Carr Call Number: E F6C37 Florida. The pace of change of Miami since its incorporation in is staggering. The seaside land that once was home to several thousand Tequesta is now congested with roads and millions of people while skyscrapers and artificial lights dominate the landscape. Famous Florida Sites by Jerald T. Milanich Editor Call Number: E F6F36 Florida. Two of the most famous archaeological monuments in the southeastern United States--excavated first a century ago--are in Florida.

Johns River just north of Lake George help shape our appreciation of precolumbian Native American cultures. This volume, written by some of the most notable American archaeologists, presents for the first time the most extensive literature on fieldwork at the sites, including descriptions of the extraordinary artifacts from each.

Florida's Golden Galleons by Robert F. Burgess; Carl J.

Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida

Clausen Call Number: F B8 B87 Florida. This is the story of the great Spanish treasure fleet that sank of the Florida coast, and modern-day efforts to reclaim her cargo from the sea. History Reference Center. Contains full text from more than history reference books and encyclopedias, and cover-to-cover full text from nearly 60 history magazines.

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Also contains 58, historical documents; 43, biographies of historical figures; more than 12, historical photos and maps; and 87 hours of historical film and video. US History Collection. Covers US history topics with full text, citations, and indexing.

Archaeology Of Precolumbian Florida (Florida And The Caribbean Open Books Series)

Sources in U. History Online: Civil War. Contains archival digital collections including nearly significant documents of the time--personal narratives, monographs, regimental histories, collected essays, sermons, songs, legal tracts, and political speeches.