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Because of sustained crushing, the original engineering properties with which a structure i. Changes in the original engineering properties could affect the stability of the structure and could make it unsafe.

Fractals in Engineering: From Theory to Industrial Applications

Thus, there is a need to understand the evolution and the mechanics of crushing in granular materials. To this effect we will: 1 conduct laboratory and simulation investigations on the evolution of crushing in granular materials. The laboratory investigation will involve tests that induce crushing in granular materials static and dynamic compression and shear tests.

The evolution of crushing in these tests will be evaluated by assessing the micro-structural changes that take place in the samples and by comparing the grain size distribution of the materials measured before and after the crushing tests. Also, the Discrete Element Method DEM will be used to study the level and distribution of the interparticle forces that cause crushing; and, 2 evaluate the changes in engineering properties caused by the crushing process.

The engineering properties that will be evaluated before and after crushing are: hydraulic conductivity, shear strength, and the elastic moduli of the granular materials tested. The results of the research will be valuable to the geotechnical engineering community, for the better design of civil engineering structures such as flexible pavements and for a better understanding of the ways the stability and settlement experienced by highway embankments evolve as a result of crushing.

Fractional Brownian motion and data traffic modeling: The other end of the spectrum (1997)

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About this book The application of fractals in the engineering sciences is evolving swiftly and the editors have turned to Springer for the third time to bring you the latest research emerging from the rapid growth in techniques available for the employment of the ideas of fractals and complexity to a variety of disciplines in and associated with the engineering field.

Show all. Percolation and permeability of three dimensional fracture networks with a power law size distribution Pages Mourzenko, V. Acoustic diffraction patterns from fractal to urban structures: applications to the Sierpinski triangle and to a neoclassical urban facade Pages Woloszyn, Philippe.

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Long range dependence in financial markets Pages Cont, Rama. A non-parametric test for self-similarity and stationarity in network traffic Pages Jones, Owen Dafydd et al. Continuous evolution of functions and measures toward fixed points of contraction mappings Pages Bona, Jerry L. Show next xx.