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Eighth Court by Shevdon Mike

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The author is a fat stupid jerk. So, before you let anything he says ruffle your feathers, consider the source.

The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon – SFFWorld

The name "Robbie F. It is a compromise between the author's real name Rev. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The Eighth Court has been established, but petty rivalries and old disputes threaten its stability.

The mongrels that make up the court are not helping, and Blackbird enlists the help of the warders to keep the peace. Has Blackbird bitten off more than she can chew, and can the uneasy peace between the courts continue under such tension and rivalry?

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He has studied martial arts for many years, mainly aikido and archery. Friends have sometimes remarked that his pastimes always seem to involve something sharp or pointy.

The pen should therefore be no surprise, though he's still trying to figure out how to get an edge on a laptop. The author lives in Bedfordshire, UK. Customer Reviews Average Review.

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